API 1.5

Our API allows you to retrieve informations from our website via GET request and supports the following query parameters:

Name Meaning Values Description Required
type Query type. get_user_data, posts_data This parameter specify the type of the query.
limit Limit of items. LIMIT This parameter specify the limit of items. Max:100 | Default:20

How to start?

  1. Once you have created the app, you'll get APP_ID, and APP_SECRET.

  2. To start the Oauth process, use the link http://demo1.solaceinvestment.comoauth?app_id={YOUR_APP_ID}

  3. Once the end user clicks this link, he/she will be redirected to the authorization page.

  4. Once the end user authorization the app, he/she will be redirected to your domain name with a GET parameter "code", example: http://yourdomain/?code=XXX

  5. In your code, to retrieve the authorized user info, you need to generate an access code, please use the code below:

    1. PHP:
      $app_id = 'YOUR_APP_ID'; // your application app id
      $app_secret = 'YOUR_APP_SECRET'; your application app secret
      $code = $_GET['code']; // the GET parameter you got in the callback: http://yourdomain/?code=XXX
      $get = file_get_contents("http://demo1.solaceinvestment.comauthorize?app_id={$app_id}&app_secret={$app_secret}&code={$code}");
      $json = json_decode($get, true);
      if (!empty($json['access_token'])) {
          $access_token = $json['access_token']; // your access token
  6. Once you got the access code, simple call the data you would like to retrieve, Example:

    1. PHP:
      if (!empty($json['access_token'])) {
         $access_token = $json['access_token']; // your access token
         $type = "get_user_data"; // or posts_data
         $get = file_get_contents("http://demo1.solaceinvestment.comapp_api?access_token={$access_token}&type={$type}");
    2. Respond:
          "api_status": "success",
          "api_version": "1.3",
          "user_data": {
              "id": "",
              "username": "",
              "first_name": "",
              "last_name": "",
              "gender": "",
              "birthday": "",
              "about": "",
              "website": "",
              "facebook": "",
              "twitter": "",
              "vk": "",
              "google+": "",
              "profile_picture": "",
              "cover_picture": "",
              "verified": "",
              "url": ""
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